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Our 20 Years Service Experience is your Assurance of Quality and Expert Workmanship

24 Hour Emergency Pickering Locksmith

Pickering Locksmith is a company that is concerned with the security of your property. Be it, business, home or auto. We are able to make suggestions that will help make your property and family more secure.

Our fast 24 hour emergency service in Pickering can rekey your locks. We can open your locked door, replace your locks. Please see our Services Performed page for further information. Some of the brand names we re-keys include Kwikset, Weiser, Schlage, Dexter, and more.
We are locksmiths that Help You Save Money On Services And Parts every day. We have low rates.

There are a lot of locksmith companies that make rediculous claims like a 15 or even 20 minute window to get to your location. In Pickering, that's not reasonable or even realistic. They make these claims without taking into account several factors. Traffic delays because of construction. There could be accidents or the condition of the road when it snows. Don't get fooled by these other locksmith companies. Their locksmiths can't get to you any faster than our locksmith can.

We have 20 years service experience. You can expect the highest quality service. We provide a top notch degree of reliability. Are you locked out of your home, business or auto? We can get your property open fast. Do you need a locksmith to open a residence? You must be able to show the attending locksmith, some form of government issued ID. A drivers license or health card is acceptable. It should show the address on it that you want opened. Our speedy emergency locksmith response is the best in Pickering.

We also provide services to stores. Do you have a store in pickering? Does it have an aluminum door (large plate of glass with a small frame around it)? Pickering Locksmith provides service to that style of door including lock rekey and lock replacement.

We are a locksmith company that provides locksmiths services to businesses. Are you moving your business operation to a new location in Pickering? Are you letting employees go that have the key or keys to your business? Pickering Locksmith advises you to have your locks rekeyed by a professional lock service.

Recently Purchased A New Home?

Top 11 Reasons To Have a Locksmith Rekey The Locks On Your New Home:
  1. Having your key changed may qualify you for a home insurance premium discount (ask your agent).
  2. Our mobile lock service provides a new homeowner with safety of property and peace of mind.
  3. Avoids the difficulty of matching the new lock finish to weather tarnished hardware on the door.
  4. Our Mobile Locksmith Service will come right to your front door to perfom a key change service for you.
  5. Helps protect your hard earned belongings from theft and helps to keep your family safe.
  6. Almost anyone could have the key, a neighbour, a babysitter for the previous owner etc.
  7. Pickering Locksmith can help to safeguard your family and property from intrusions.
  8. Having Pickering Locksmith change your key is less expensive than replacing your locks.
  9. The most cost-effective way to change the locks on your doors without having to replace them.
  10. Gives access only to those who are supposed to have it anyone who had a key will not enter your property.
  11. Pickering contractors have front door locks Master Keyed for their own convenince. That way they only have to hand one key out to. their Sub-Contractors to gain entry, usually to every house in the new development. Your front door lock could be Master Keyed. This means that up to 32 different keys could work in your lock. This should concern you.

Pickering Locksmith - We Perform Our Own Work

There are many locksmith web sites on the internet today being run by website builders. They take your calls and farm them out to different locksmiths in different areas. They take a percentage of each call they recieve. Once they field your call to a supposedly qualified locksmith, they wash their hands clean of you. Any problems that arise after the fact from the performance of their locksmith is your problem.

Is the locksmith responding to your call a fully qualified individual or are they self proclaimed? Look at the phone number you called, is it an 800 series area code? Most real locksmith companies will have a local phone number. With an 800 area code you could unknowingly be calling Hong Kong or some other distant place.

Did an answering machine or answering service take your call? Were you told that a qualified locksmith would return your call shortly? If this happened then your call for a locksmith is definitely being farmed out.

Is their website advertising an exorbitantly lower rate than most other companies? It's more than likely that the services they provide will be substandard.

Beware, there is no substitute for a 100% qualified and experienced locksmith.
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